Stunted – Fault (Review)

StuntedStunted is a one-man industrial garage punk/rock band and this is his debut album.

Although a one-man project, the artist behind this band is joined by various guests across the release, (including one who brings a saxophone to the party).

This is a 22-minute collection of songs that’s raw, emotive, and unfettered by any concerns other than being honest to itself. This is noisy, fuzzy stuff, with an industrial side to its spiky delivery. Think kind of a kind of cross between Minor Threat, Fudge Tunnel, Mutation, Moby’s rock material, and elements of Beastie Boys.

Taking a low-key approach to music that references many old-school punk and rock bands, the tracks here are underground songs and have been lovingly pieced together by sticking tape, sweat, and obvious passion.

Each of the songs on Fault are well-realised and well-written, despite their DIY nature. With many good ideas, and with each track having its own distinct personality and style, Fault may be relatively brief, but it makes a strong impression.

Fault is a very enjoyable and personable collection of music, one that’s surprisingly infectious and more-ish. If enough people could be exposed to it, this could become somewhat of a cult sleeper hit in the right circles.

Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.

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