Escape Is Not Freedom/Dusk Village – Split (Review)

Escape Is Not FreedomEscape Is Not Freedom and Dusk Village are both alternative/sludge metal bands, and they have teamed up with each other on this split.

Escape Is Not Freedom, (who we know from their 2015 album The Truants), start us off with two tracks, which last just under 10 minutes in total.

Boiling Nails is the shorter of the two. It has a decently heavy stomp that recalls something like Fudge Tunnel mixed with Skyscraper, with a bit of Helmet mixed in. Good riffs, good attitude.

We’re Wrecked is the longer of the two. This track is quite different. It starts with a more sedate, lighter pace than the rockier Boiling Nails, recalling something by Isis perhaps. Then something unexpected happens, and clean female vocals soar out, clear and strong. This guest singer has a wonderful voice, and provides a great focal point for the expressive, emotive music.

These two songs are enjoyable and show off the band’s personality well, albeit in quite different ways. Escape Is Not Freedom have provided a good contribution to this split, and one that I’ll likely return to in the future.

This is the first time I’ve heard Dusk Village, and they offer up two tracks lasting eight minutes.

Exolife Civilisation Leak is the longer of the two. It starts with a malevolent crawl, full of dark moodiness and harsh vocals. The main riffs are slow and deliberate, providing a dark backdrop for the grim, muddy vocals.

A Self-Fan is the shorter of the two. It’s rockier and faster, reminding of something Nirvana might have done if they were corrupted by sludgy filth and underground punk.

Dusk Village’s contribution to this split release is suitably complementary to Escape Is Not Freedom’s, but also suitably differentiated.

This is a brief, but enjoyable, split from these two bands and both, in their own way, drag the early 90s through the muck and into 2018.

A recommended listen.

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