Redemptor – Arthaneum (Review)

RedemptorThis is the third album from Polish technical death metal band Redemptor.

2014’s The Jugglernaut was a very enjoyable record, but it seems that Arthaneum sees the band step up their game considerably.

Redemptor’s death metal is technical and precise, with a pleasing amount of both dissonant and atmospheric death metal mixed in. The band even inject some melodic components into their sound, as well as just the lightest touch of a blackened feel here and there.

The above approach has led to a very well-rounded and enjoyable release, one that has plenty of aggression and brutality, but is not defined or limited by this. Redemptor’s assault is more of an indirect one, as they ply the listener with waves and layers of crushing, dense sound and claustrophobic soundscapes.

In fact, some of my favourite parts on Arthaneum are when the band emphasise the less-direct aspects of their sound, creating atmospheric and emotive dissonance that can really be quite immersive and compelling. Having said that, when the band do unleash a huge, instantly devastating riff, you definitely know about it.

Redemptor’s latest album is their most finely-realised and well-delivered work to date. It consolidates all of their strengths into one place, and sees their confidence and personality grow.

A highly recommended listen.

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