Sisyphean – Illusions of Eternity (Review)

SisypheanSisyphean are a Lithuanian black metal band and this is their debut album.

Sisyphean play black metal with atmospheric leanings and added melodic darkness.

The band’s style is a mixture of old and new, blurring the lines without effort. Melodies are used well, designed to add esoteric colour and atmospheric depth. There are also death metal elements in the band’s sound that are weaved into this atmospheric and melodic delivery, enough to add a certain bite to the songs, but not enough to be an overt element of their style most of the time.

The songs are layered and intricately-delivered, having a dynamic and writhing approach to the blackened style. The guitars seem alive with malignant promise, squirming out of the speakers like a malevolent entity. Sisyphean really do know how to combine dark, involved riffing with sinister atmosphere.

Illusions of Eternity is 40 minutes of high quality music. This is considered and thoughtful black metal that knows how to take the direct route with frosted aggression, but frequently chooses to apply indirect pressure with more nuanced assaults; when the two are combined, as they regularly are, this is where Sisyphean are at their most effective.

Illusions of Eternity is an extremely enjoyable release that’s worth getting to know.


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