Aura Mortis – Proclamation of the Sardonic Flame (Review)

Aura MortisThis is the latest EP from Serbian black metallers Aura Mortis.

Here we have 18 minutes of music spread out over two tracks. Aura Mortis’ black metal is raw and melodic, with grim vocals and frosted aggression.

The music is dark and esoteric, filled with occult vibes and cold black metal. The band use melody well to enhance and add to the blackened rhythm guitars and the overall bleak riffs that are employed. These melodies add colour and warmth to the songs, but without becoming overbearing or a dominant feature; this is raw, underground black metal, rather than some shiny melodic black metal beast, after all.

The tracks are well-written, showing a band that are comfortable in adding touches of intricacy and nuance into the blackened fury of their primary delivery. Aura Mortis clearly understand what makes effective, enjoyable black metal, and Proclamation of the Sardonic Flame is a release that you shouldn’t let pass you by.

Both songs on here show a developing band refining their style, and betray an obvious love and passion for the music. I really like the atmosphere that the EP has, and I eagerly await more material form this band in the future.

HIghly recommended.

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