Nexus – The Taint (Review)

NexusNexus are an Italian Gothic/industrial rock band and this is their debut album.

Taking an electronic and keyboard powered approach to their music, The Taint is an enjoyable trip to places that I haven’t visited in quite some time.

Mixing elements and influences form bands such as HIM, Neurotech, Marilyn Manson, Ashbury Heights, and Deathstars, the band certainly seem to have a handle on their sound.

The songs are quite catchy and memorable, with plenty of hooks and enjoyable moments. I like the personal flavour that they bring to the style, injecting it with enough personality to see them come out on top more than they don’t.

The music is atmospheric and well-written, without becoming overly flambouyant. There’s a decent kick to the guitars too, which can sometimes be lacking in this type of thing, and some good melodies are thrown around too. The omnipresent electronics enhance rather than distract, and have a certain charm all of their own.

The singer has a good voice, which has an interesting quality to it which sees his performance sit somewhere between the classically Gothic side that you would expect, and a more modern delivery that you might not. It works though, and I like what he brings to the songs.

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I only occasionally listen to this style of music, as normally I prefer bands on the more extreme end of the spectrum. However, The Taint is a surprisingly endearing release, one that I can’t help but take a shine to.

A recommended listen.

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