Sea in the Sky – Everything All at Once (Review)

Sea in the SkySea in the Sky are a progressive rock band from the US. This is their debut album.

This is modern progressive rock that has elements of the djent style, but without this aspect of the band’s sound becoming overbearing or distracting, as I find can sometimes be the case. There’s largely just about the right amount of djent in this so that it enhances rather than overpowers.

This is an interesting style that the band have. It’s somewhere between the modern heaviness of djent, the bright, catchiness of pop rock, the sublime emotive capacity of some alternative metal bands, and the progressive/technical depth of some of the better purveyors of the modern style. Somehow, Sea in the Sky manage to combine these various parts into a seamless whole, condensing them down into punchy, focused songs that don’t outstay their welcome.

Despite the relatively short song lengths the music manages to mix instant-appeal hooks with both technical/progressive depth and emotive atmosphere. This is no small achievement, and it’s something that the vast majority bands that attempt to play a modern, djent-influenced progressive style fail to get right. I mean, how often do you find a band that manages to strike the right balance between wider commercial potential, and deeper, expressive substance? Not very often, that’s for sure.

The success of this record comes, in some ways, due to the relationship between the vocals and the music. While the rest of the band are providing a bedrock of technical/progressive/atmospheric music, the singer is adding a further layer to the songs that somehow draws everything together, sealing the deal with his sublime, superlative voice. His singing is striking and instantly infectious. Much like the music, there’s a certain catchiness and instant-appeal to his voice, and there’s more than enough memorable choruses and verses to be had here. However, it’s the depth of emotion and feeling that he imbues into his delivery that truly sets him apart from the masses, and his contribution to this body of work is what raises the entire collection of songs to another level entirely.

The band that continues to come to mind when I listen to Sea in the Sky is Deftones. Although different in tone and temperament, Deftones are the obvious example of a band that have achieved a wide appeal, while also managing to write songs that have emotive depth and weighty substance. Although Sea in the Sky are a different proposition, (less dark and with a different emotional base, for a start), the principle is the same.

Everything All at Once has impressed me with its bright, bubbly persona, and surprised me with its less-obvious depth and longevity.

Highly recommended; make sure you give this one a go.

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