Antiversum – Cosmos Comedenti (Review)

AntiversumThis is the debut album from Antiversum, a blackened death metal band from Switzerland.

Okay, so I’ve tentatively labelled this as blackened death metal simply for ease of description in the introduction, but the reality is that this is more of a black/death/doom hybrid. It all sits under a suitably blackened and grim aegis though, powered by a vicious death metal intensity.

The reality, of course, is that Cosmos Comedenti is not really black metal, or death metal, or doom – it’s all three, warped and twisted into almost forty minutes of evil extremity.

So this is what the end of the world sounds like, eh? It’s certainly nasty and apocalyptic enough, that’s for sure. These tracks exude malice and contempt from every diseased pore they have.

Coming across as tortured, malignant death metal that’s been given a thoroughly blackened makeover and subjected to the inappropriate attentions of filthy doom, Cosmos Comedenti is 38 minutes of malice and spite that’s, almost paradoxically, a joy to listen to.

Antiversum create their dark, foul atmospheres with ease, and pollute these with both brutality and cold, textured aggression. Whether blasting with furious intent, birthing blackened, depraved pseudo-melodies, or providing an avalanche of crushing doom, the music on this album is immense and wickedly compelling.

Guttural growls and other tortured vocalisations accompany you throughout the songs, and sound just as full of corruption as the music itself.

Any fan of grim, filthy, malignant extreme metal would do well to get caught up in Antiversum’s orbit. Cosmos Comedenti is harrowing and bleak in all of the best ways.

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