Spheredemonis – The Revelation of the Pyramids (Review)

SpheredemonisSphere are a death metal band from Russia and this is their debut album.

Here we have a band that are not afraid to throw a few different influences into the pot, resulting in an album that covers many bases in its relatively short playing time.

This is a death metal band that takes the streamlined aggression of melodic death metal and adds to it with two main additional ingredients. The first is a helping of the Polish style, with epic and symphonic elements being used to enhanced the band’s delivery. The second is a dash of deathcore, played in the American style; less apparent than their symphonic aspects, this is nonetheless felt in some of the heavy riffs and used accordingly in the context of everything else here.

Although there’s only 32 minutes of material here, there’s a surprising amount packed into this album. Concise and efficient songwriting means that the band manage to explore many different moods and atmospheres across the tracks, with their core melodically aggressive style being enhanced by symphonic and epic elements, while also taking the time to add in some extra heaviness and bite when needed.

The band certainly have an epic streak in them, which is brought to the fore in the keyboards. These are not overly used though, and only take a step forwards into prominence when they need to. This part of the band’s delivery is well-considered and arranged, weaved into the tapestry of the heavy aggression to flavour and layer extra emotive content into the music.

The songs merge together these various components surprisingly easily and effectively, with the band seemingly having an intuitive grasp of when to let the brutality reign, when to incorporate deeper atmospheres, when to push their melodic side to the foreground, or when to unleash a hugely groovy riff.

The primary vocals are deep growls that are performed admirably. These are backed up by the occasional clean voice, although the main emphasis is very much on the guttural growls.

The band demonstrate early on that they seem to have the skill necessary to pull this kind of ambitious sound off. Both the musicianship and production are of a high standard, giving the music the room and presence it needs to flourish.

The Revelation of the Pyramids is highly emotive and engaging, as well as being surprisingly catchy and memorable. It’s a very satisfy album that provides an extremely enjoyable listen. There’s a lot here to like, and I can easily imagine this band being snapped up by one of the larger metal labels. Let’s hope they don’t miss out, as they clearly have a lot of talent.

One of the things I love about doing what I do is getting exposed to all manner of different bands that might get overlooked otherwise, especially when it comes to ones that are attempting to realise something more novel than your average band does. Spheredemonis is one such group, and The Revelation of the Pyramids is both impressive and enjoyable.

Make sure that you give this one a thoroughly good listen, as it’s very much worth your time and effort.

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