Obriy – Altar of Utopia (Review)

ObriyObriy are a Ukrainian death metal band and this is their debut release.

Old-school and full of huge grooves, this thunders out of the speakers with enviable presence and chunky, heavy riffs.

The band’s relentless mid-paced assault is quite infectious, and they certainly know how to write in this style. Melodies are used to enhance the forceful chugging riffs, adding another dimension to the music.

Brutal vocals bark out form the mechanised onslaught of the music. Unrelentingly grim, the vocals are probably the harshest aspect of the band’s delivery, sounding like some violently inhuman predator is snarling and grunting.

This reminds me of Bolt Thrower mixed with Illdisposed, as well as a bit of the Swedish style thrown in for good measure.

This is an enjoyable trip back to the 90s with Obriy’s grooving death’n’roll style. I must say they play it well, and Altar of Utopia will probably gain them quite a few new fans if they can only get the exposure.

Check this out.

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