Deny the Urge – As Darkness Falls (Review)

Deny the UrgeThis is Deny the Urge’s third album. They’re from Germany and play death metal.

Deny the Urge’s debut album Subsequent Confrontation was a real underground gem of an album, but now, well over a decade later, it’s like listening to a different band. Which is understandable when you take a look at the band’s turbulent history and many lineup changes. As such, I’m treating this as a fresh band in many ways, as the Deny the Urge of 2017 are essentially that.

As Darkness Falls is a nasty slab of death metal. It’s 48 minutes of old-school Floridian USDM-influenced brutality, (think Morbid Angel, especially), and very enjoyable it is too.

Fast and uncompromising, this is classic death metal played in the style of the 90s greats, while still having more than enough of its own personality to avoid accusations of outright plagiarism. Essentially they hit that sweet spot between hero worship and their own style, which makes for a satisfying listen and a strong album overall.

All of the playing is on point, and I’m a particular fan of the various leads and solos that are included across the tracks. These are thrown out with apparent ease and like little splashes of lightning against the darker backdrop of the rhythm guitars.

There are various enjoyable touches spread out over the album’s playing time, all of which tend to enhance the songs and help to keep the listener’s attention. This might be a particular riff, a short keyboard section, or moments when the band slow down and create a truly macabre atmosphere. The band certainly aren’t without their creative moments.

With a well-rounded recording and well-written songs that are a thumping good listen, As Darkness Falls is a solid album of death metal.

Check out Deny the Urge.

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