Trivax – SIN (Review)

TrivaxTrivax are an Iranian/UK black metal band and this is their debut album.

SIN contains 70 minutes of sophisticated blackened art, combining the raging venom that the style does so well with a mature approach to melody and compositional dynamics.

Think an absorbing mix of Dissection and Watain, but with a personality of their own rather than being overly derivative, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from Trivax.

With a recording that’s professional and allows the band’s dark talents to shine with a healthily malevolent lustre, the songs on this album are instantly engaging and readily enjoyable for anyone into the style.

There’s plenty of meat on the bones of these tracks, and despite the considerable length of the album I find my attention sticks with it throughout. The music is heavily melodic, which helps to provide an emotional focus, but without being unnecessarily so; there’s still enough bite and direct aggression here to prevent things from becoming overly sugary or anything like that.

Various speeds, moods, and feelings are explored, and some of the slower/mid-paced material on offer is the most enjoyable. Although it should be noted that the band certainly know what they’re doing no matter what speed they’re playing at.

For the most part the vocals are of the traditional screamed variety, which is what you would want for this kind of release. The singer’s voice is well-delivered, with just the right amount of personality and character bleeding through into his cold, evil voice.

Trivax have produced a lot of enjoyable content on SIN, and, despite its potentially imposing length, there’s more than enough quality material here to satisfy fans of the dark arts.

I liked this a lot, and I hope you will too. Check it out.

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