One Master – Lycanthropic Burrowing (Review)

One MasterOne Master are a US black metal band and this is their fourth album.

After the extremely enjoyable blackened assault of 2015’s Reclusive Blasphemy, we finally have some new One Master to satisfy our dark cravings.

This is occult black metal straight from the US underground, and I have to say that the band have not disappointed with their latest slab of blackened malevolence.

The songs are raw and aggressive, played in the classic, orthodox style. It’s as misanthropic and furious as you would expect, delivering scathing black metal that is not for the weak or unwary.

One of the things I like about One Master is their unusual ability to sound distinctly of the second wave style, while also managing to somehow stand apart from it. This is achieved in many ways by the sheer force of their delivery, which takes the usual influences and warps them to the band’s own considerable will and vision. One Master play this style of black metal on their own terms, weaving in more modern elements alongside the older ones. The result, much like their previous work, is pure black metal darkness.

Vocally the singer can snarl and scream with the best of them. Like everything else here the vocals are rooted in a traditional delivery, and also like everything else here they’re performed authentically and with furious conviction.

A triumphant return for One Master; long may they reign.

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