Cursed Sun – The Amygdala (Review)

Cursed SunThis is the latest EP from UK metal band Cursed Sun.

Cursed Sun combine thrash metal with Southern sludge, a bit of melodic death metal, and some NWOAHM. As we’ll see, there’s more to this band than just this though, and in many ways Cursed Sun channel some quite old-school aspects in their sound.

Full of heavy groove and fat riffs, as well as decent helpings of both melody and brutality, The Amygdala is a good showcase for the band.

Interestingly, as the EP develops there are more and more hints of some less-common influences being felt in the tracks. Although these don’t manifest in anything shockingly unconventional, (with one main exception), they are noticeable enough for comment; this includes a more Southern metal feel, a hard rock influence, and some clean singing. The largest exception to all of this is the final song, which is an alternative take on the EP’s title track; essentially an acoustic version of it.

I like that Cursed Sun have incorporated these elements into their sound, as it reveals a band that are happy to step outside of the box a little and not join the latest hordes of NWOAHM clones, (note – this is definitely not the case here).

So yes, if you take the early 00s NWOAHM sound, mix this with a raw, early 90s Southern metal/sludge delivery, you’ll have a decent idea of what The Amygdala sounds like and why it’s really quite enjoyable. In some ways I could easily have imagined this coming out of the NOLA scene in the 90s, only with a distinctly UK feel added to it. Sort of like a cross between Graveyard Rodeo and dBh. Oh, I feel quite nostalgic now.

Have a listen.

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