Risin Sabotage – Planet Dies (Review)

Risin SabotageRisin Sabotage are a Ukrainian stoner doom band and this is their second album.

Here we have 45 minutes of exploratory stoner doom, creating vibrant soundscapes full of all manner of enjoyable fuzzed-out vibes.

Caught somewhere between psychedelic doom and stoner rock, Risin Sabotage make the most of their involvement in both of these styles by plundering the best bits for their rather engaging music.

These tracks are trippy and fuzzed out, frequently taking exploratory detours down various different musical avenues in their quest for the perfect jam.

Largely slow and unhurried, the tracks unfold easily as the band lazily examine whatever musical output appears from their instruments. Occasionally they are gripped by a strange etheric energy and the music becomes more upbeat and focused, although this usually soon lapses back into more laid-back territories before they can get too carried away.

The vocals are low in the mix and seem to travel alongside the rest of the music in perfect sync. The singer’s voice is a strong one and suits the music well. His performance is unhurried and sure, just like that of the rest of music really. The band as a whole know exactly what they’re doing with this material, so everything here sounds assured and confident.

Planet Dies is a very enjoyable release that shows a band with good ideas and easy execution.

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