Contaminated – Final Man (Review)

ContaminatedThis is the debut album from Contaminated, an Australian death metal band.

After 2014’s debut demo Pestilential Decay, I couldn’t miss out on the band’s first full-length. Also, even if I wasn’t familiar with their earlier work, the cover alone for this release would have demanded my attention – talk about quality grim artwork!

This is a gruesome, grisly release full of the ugliest metal of death. With 34 minutes of underground, rotten death metal to rip apart the listener with, what’s to stop you from embracing the pain that Contaminated have come to give?

Nothing, that’s what.

Final Man has the kind of heavy, filthy sound that can easily knock down buildings and cause large amounts of collateral damage. Boasting a recording that stays true to the grim underground aesthetic, but without sacrificing power or strength, Final Man sounds huge, imposing, and cavernous.

The singer’s growls are just wonderful. His voice sounds so barely human that it’s hard to imagine an actual person making these noises. I suspect they’ve actually managed to track down some ancient monster to growl and roar as it’s chained in place for safety’s sake. Of course, you just know it’s gonna get loose eventually. It’s just a matter of time.

These songs are extremely satisfying examples of filth-ridden death metal. With both pulverising riffs and fetid atmospheres, the tracks offer a lot of enjoyment for anyone not limited to the shinier, more modern styles of death metal. No, this won’t appeal to a lot of the newer death metal fans out there, seduced by polished productions and sterilised violence; this is for people who appreciate some murk and real danger with their music.

Contaminated is an appropriate name for the band; their music sounds infected, sick, and full of virulent promise. Final Man is a heady, intoxicating brew of deliriously dark and frightening music. An essential listen for any fan of the underground.

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