The Thirteenth Sun – Stardust (Review)

The Thirteenth SunThis is the debut album from Romanian progressive metal band The Thirteenth Sun.

This is a mix of the progressive versions of both metal and rock, one that manages to do justice to both.

The album has a professional, well-rounded production that shows off the band’s skills. Theirs is a strong, full-bodied sound that allows them the freedom to make the most of their music.

The songs combine heavier parts that lean on the metal side of the spectrum, with more introspective ones that betray their rock roots more. Of course, it’s not quite as clean cut as this in practice, and the two aspects of the band’s music frequently bleed into one another.

There’s a cosmic/spacey vibe that frequently rears its head across these tracks. The music is mostly quite atmospheric, so this just feeds the feeling of exploring the furthest regions of outer space.

Stardust also has a highly emotive edge, both to the music and the singing. The band make full use of their ability to channel emotion, while also crafting textured atmospheric music, meaning that there’s a lot of depth and shading on Stardust. Handling variety, pace, dynamics, and flow well across the playing length, the tracks are composed at an advanced level, and it’s clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into their creation.

This is an album that’s best explored gradually and intently, as it unfolds and expands over time.

Kind of a mix of the atmospheric and progressive sides of Opeth and Arcturus, with a touch of Subterranean Masquerade and even Primordial thrown in for good measure.

Check this out.

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