Sapien – Laika, Come Home (Review)

SapienSapien are a stoner/sludge metal band from the UK and this is their latest EP, although at 45 minutes in length, this is essentially an album.

I love how heavy this band are. Oh yes. They have a very beefy sound and aren’t afraid to fill it with all of the beefy riffs and ultra-beefy distortion that they can.



Have I mentioned the beefiness?

Across this release the band rock out with their very charismatic brand of stoner sludge. Mainly focusing on a mix of these two styles, the songs on Laika, Come Home are very engaging, very enjoyable, and very, very good.

I like that Sapien aren’t content to fully play by the rules that can sometimes seem to restrict bands that have a stoner side to them, as they also venture out into wider territories than this. Primarily this manifests as their heavier, aggressive sludge side, but there’s also a decent amount of progressive rock/metal influences in the material too.

Mixing aggression, catchiness, and easy stoner riffs, the band combine the best aspects of their influences into the material. The stoner side provides catchy, memorable songs and plenty of hooks, while the sludge side provides the heaviness, harshness, and enough edge to prevent them from being accused of playing it safe. The lesser progressive influences also add depth and nuance to the delivery, when they appear.

Overall this is a very impressive and enjoyable release from a band I was not previously aware of. This has now been rectified, and I’ll be listening to Sapien over and over again in the future.

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