Death Remains – Destroy/Rebuild (Review)

Death RemainsDeath Remains are a UK metal band and this is their second album.

Wasting no time setting out their sound in no uncertain terms, as soon as you press play Death Remains burst into life with the appropriately titled Destroy.

Yep, this is modern metal with plenty of heavy aggression and confident belligerence. Some djent influences can be heard, but these are kept in check by metalcore elements, as well as a sense of subtle melody that’s baked deep into the spiky rhythm guitars, until occasionally a bright lead will seem to explode out from the riotous din.

I must say I’m quite impressed with this. The modern metal that they play consists of just the right amounts of djent and 00s metalcore/melodic death metal that the songs are instantly familiar, while also sounding fresh and vibrant enough to not turn the listener off. It’s a fine balance to strike for, but the majority of the material on here achieves this.

It also doesn’t hurt things that the band are clearly passionate and enthusiastic about their music either. This comes across strongly in the energy of the delivery and also in the vocal performance. Shouts and roaring are the main mode of assault when it comes to the latter, although clean singing does appear here and there, (again – the right balance is struck, as the clean singing is used for added effect rather than being the standard).

With a production that’s judged equally well – modern and professional, but with just the right amount of grit and roughness – Death Remains have unleashed quite a monster of an album on the world.

Yep, I’m impressed with this. It’s heavy, passionate aggression, which has a timeless metal quality to it despite the modern veneer. With enough depth and interesting ideas to keep things interesting, as well as instant-appeal familiarity and good, well-written songs, this is a firm winner.

Destroy/Rebuild is very well-titled, actually – it’s as if the band have taken all of the strongest points from early 00s heavy music, tore them down, and then rebuilt the best bits in their own image.

Catchy, memorable, and energetic – very highly recommended.

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