Methane – The Devil’s Own (Review)

MethaneMethane are a Swedish groove metal band and this is their debut album.

The Devil’s Own is an album full of choice riffs, Southern metal vibes, and assured attitude.

Recalling years past when bands like Pantera and Lamb of God ruled the roost with their belligerent Southern metal escapades, Methane take their favourite bits from the style and forge them anew in the fires of passionate ambition.

Yep, there’s no small amount of genuine zeal or enthusiasm here, and it’s clear that the band enjoy what they do.

I like that the songs have a rough, earthy edge to them. It would have been easy to provide a sanitised, safe version of this kind of thing, wrapped in a stale production and presented as if it wasn’t. Methane, however, have opted for a more authentic and gritty take on things. That’s not to say this isn’t a strong recording, as it clearly is; I just like that they haven’t gone hyper-polished for it.

The songs are quite more-ish and definitely growers. On first listen I liked it more than enough, but subsequently the hooks and choruses managed to dig themselves deeper and deeper into my brain. I suspect they’re there for good now, or at least a good while.

Methane have produced an enjoyable and infectious release full of catchy and memorable metal. It may not light up the world like the music of their forebearers did, but it’s certainly brought some fire into mine. Good, quality headbanging fun.


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