Epi-Demic – Malformed Conscience (Review)

Epi-DemicEpi-Demic are a Canadian thrash metal band and this is their second album.

Having very much enjoyed their split with Solanum, I was looking forward to this. They’ve improved on what they accomplished with that split, and the Epi-Demic of 2017 is lean, hungry, and full of relentlessly nasty fun.

Epi-Demic play crossover thrash metal that’s as uncompromising as it is aggressive. I always love it when thrash metal is played with pure, wanton aggression and violence, so I’m very pleased with the 30 minutes or so of material on Malformed Conscience.

The music on this album insists and demands that you move to it. Some of the riffs are pure headbanging metal, while others are pit-friendly punk; others again mix the both, making for songs that rip, tear, and mutilate with ease.

Thrash, punk, hardcore, and crust are all thrown into the mix at varying points throughout the album. It’s all done very well and the tracks fly by in frenetic blurs of mayhem and destruction.

The songs are entertainingly nasty and contain the right balance of catchiness and brutality. This is an underground release that crosses over between metal and hardcore easily and constantly, taking bits from each to maximise the impact the songs have. For the most part it works very well and Malformed Conscience is a really good listen.

Highly recommended.

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