Vetrar Draugurinn – I (Review)

Vetrar DraugurinnThis is the debut EP from Gothic metallers Vetrar Draugurinn, who are from the Netherlands.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Stream of Passion, The Saturnine, and Autumn, this new band brings a wealth of experience to the table, showing a maturity and professionalism that you’d expect from such accomplished artists.

This is a collection of songs that celebrate melancholy via the power of the heavy riff. This, alongside a nuanced appreciation for emotion and melody, ably demonstrates where Vetrar Draugurinn’s proclivities lie.

The songs deal with the emotional aspect of the music well, combining feeling and forceful metal into tracks that do both in a more than passable fashion.

The guitars have a decent crunch to them, and hold plenty of power in the riffs that are wielded. The melodic leads are a joy to experience and get absorbed in.

Yes, this is a release that covets misery, despair, and tragedy like a long lost friend, and both the music and the vocals embody these traits quite comprehensively.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as there are some more upbeat moments. Even these are tinged with darkness, but rays of hope can be found within the music, if you look really closely.

The singer’s voice is a highlight of the release, of course, but not the only one. Her voice is a silken pleasure wrapped in the luxurious distortion of the plaintive guitars.

This is one that I’d definitely recommend for anyone into 90s/early 00s Gothic/melodic doom-tinged metal. Fans of Paradise Lost, Sentenced, Lacuna Coil, Katatonia, etc. should enjoy this.

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