Solanum/Epi-Demic – Passages to Lunacy – Split (Review)

Solanum Epi-DemicSolanum and Epi-Demic are both from Canada and both play Crossover Thrash Metal.

Solanum start us off with just under 18 minutes of aggressive Thrash.

Their contribution is underground and sharp, with a sound that wastes no time in ramming home their aesthetic.

This is Old-School, genuine and really rather good. I have a low threshold sometimes for Crossover Thrash, especially when done in a Retro style and I think this is one of the saving graces of Solanum; there’s no Retro nonsense here, just good, old-fashioned Thrashing out.

The other thing which earns them big marks is the fact that they can actually pen a decent song. The riffs are enjoyable rip-fests that tear along the road with the hungry appetite of the biggest gas-guzzler.

Oh, and the singer has a very satisfying bark to him as well.

Solanum have won me over.

Up next are Epi-Demic, with a shorter total duration of 13 minutes.

Epi-Demic are just as raw and intense as Solanum, and like Solanum they too dispense with any of the Retro nonsense and just concentrate on some lovely Old-School Crossover.

If anything, Epi-Demic’s sound is even more underground and aggressive than Solanum. Their riffs have more of a Hardcore feel to them in places too, although they still know how to Thrash it out with the best of them. Indeed, some of the guitar rhythms here are very tasty indeed.

You could pretty much land at any point in any of these songs and hit something good, but I think overall my favourite is Famine, with its combination of sharp, tight riffs and frenetic leads…or maybe Nuclear Dream with its swirly, twisting guitars…there’s a lot of good stuff on these four songs.

The singer has a higher voice than that of Solanum although it’s still aggressively based and hits the right Crossover tone.

So, Epi-Demic have also won me over.

If you’re looking for a quality Crossover release without any of the novelty bollocks then snap this up quickly.


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