Warcrab – Scars of Aeons (Review)

WarcrabWarcrab are a death/sludge band from the UK and this is their second album.

There aren’t too many bands that mix death and sludge metal together, but those that do tend to be pretty notable. The Dead and Tides of Sulfur are two that spring instantly to mind. I can now add Warcrab to this short list too.

Warcrab are heavy. Very heavy. Imagine old-school death metal, (from the likes of Autopsy or Bolt Thrower, or even Grave), if it was filtered through some Southern American sludge akin to that of the mighty Crowbar. If you fuse these two styles together and coat everything in a gloriously filthy, earthy production, then you’ll be close to where Scars of Aeons is coming from.

I like that the groovy riffs seem to effortlessly draw form both death and sludge metal, making for songs that are both at the same time. Huge heavy riffs are enhanced by evocative leads so that the tracks have a good deal of dark heaviness shot through with streaks of colour.

Often bands of this nature stick to the uglier, dirtier side of things. Even though there’s plenty of that here, the guitars always strive to make sure that there’s plenty of emotive content to be had on top of the crushing distortion. Have I mentioned that the band have three guitarists? That’s one extra way than normal to crush your soul.

This is an album that has a lot of personality, and each track is easily identifiable as its own creature within this. The songs are well-written, memorable and have plenty of kick. The mix of Crowbar-like riff-craft and death metal intensity is an absolute pleasure to experience.

Scars of Aeons is a very strong release. Hell, that’s an understatement. Wanna know how ridiculously strong this is? Grab it now and listen to it with the volume turned up all the way. Hell yeah.

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