Vile Retribution – Global Chaos (Review)

Vile RetributionThis is the debut album from Danish blackened death metallers Vile Retribution.

With a strong melodic streak, Global Chaos mixes death and black metal together across 41 minutes.

Aggression and extremity are the main order of business for Vile Retribution, although that doesn’t mean they don’t show some finesse in their work here and there.

I hear influences from bands such as Morbid Angel and Zyklon in the songs, manifesting in various ways across the tracks. This can be particularly apparent in some of the more mid-paced elements. However, other mid-paced riffs really allow the band’s black metal side to shine, and these are very enjoyable parts.

On the whole, the music attacks at varying speeds, with the faster sections probably being my favourite, especially when the melodies rip out alongside the blast beats.

Global Chaos is an enjoyable listen from a band that are trying to do their own thing in a saturated scene. Check it out.

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