The Unguided – Lust and Loathing (Review)

The UnguidedThis is the third album from Swedish Metallers The Unguided.

The Unguided play melodic Death Metal mixed in with modern Metal, soaring cleans and infectious keyboards. It’s a style which has been done before, proven to be effective and is definitely on the more commercial end of the Metal spectrum. If that sounds like an implied negative, it would be if it was done poorly, but Lust and Loathing isn’t and is in fact a very enjoyable listen.

Full of stadium-friendly hooks and bold melodies, this is catchy and unashamedly memorable. One of things I really like about this release is that it’s closer to the Euro-Metal side of things than the US Metalcore-style, meaning that we get a lot of proper Metal content. There’s even some solos. Combined with the heaviness of the guitars, the ubiquitous harsh vocals and a high-energy delivery, this album has a thoroughly Metal core and doesn’t suffer from being overly-commercial or sanitized as a lot of similar bands can be afflicted with; there’s a fire and a passion here beneath the polished veneer.

The songs are enjoyable and catchy, as mentioned previously. The melodic Power Metal streak that the tracks have saves them from sounding generic and there’s a real flavour of the band in the songs, pulling them up to be highly effective modern European Metal bruisers with a strong melodic edge.

A lot of the time this kind of thing ends up having style over substance, but in this instance it seems that The Unguided have both.


3 thoughts on “The Unguided – Lust and Loathing (Review)”

  1. I love this album. However I cant help but feel that they’ve kind of taken a page out of Aramanthe’s book. I Cannot fault this album at all. Of course its a little mainstream but the songs are so catchy and melodic. I loved their earlier material but it really seemed like they really put their heart into this album. I wouldnt go as far as calling it an evolution of the band but theyve really stepped it up since their last album – It could be that theyve just taken the last 6 years to mature. Definitely worth the wait!

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