Burn Damage – Age of Vultures (Review)

Burn DamageBurn Damage are a Portuguese metal band and this is their debut album.

Age of Vultures is 32 minutes of stomping groove/thrash metal with some death metal influences thrown in for extra brutality.

The band remind me of the 90s metal scene and make me quite nostalgic for those times in some ways. Having said that, it’s important to realise that Burn Damage may have their stylistic roots in those days, but they’re still very much a contemporary proposition in 2017.

The songs are heavy, aggressive and not without hooks and substance. With a nice line in thrash riffs and upbeat energy, the songs rumble and burn through the short playing time with enthusiasm.

The singer has a good voice that snarls are tears through the songs. Her voice has a decent range and she’s more than capable of deeper growls and higher screams when needed.

The tracks on Age of Vultures worship The Riff, so when Burn Damage get it right and everything clicks into place, they can be very good at what they do. I think that Age of Vultures shows a band in development and it’s clear that they have a huge amount of potential. Sure, it’s enjoyable in its own right, (it’s one of those albums that gets better the more you listen to it too, which is always a good thing), but I think that with a few tweaks here and there their next album could very well prove to be something quite special.

Here’s hoping.

An enjoyable debut release that shows great promise for the future and is a decent heavy, thrashing listen in its own right.

Check it out.


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