Drevorod – I Swear to Return Here (Review)

DrevorodDrevorod are an atmospheric black metal band from Russia and this is their debut album.

This is atmospheric black metal with folk influences. It’s well-played and manages to balance the atmospheric/folk sides of the music well, so that the band have an obvious character to their music without it coming across as twee.

Featuring two tracks of sprawling, expansive black metal, and a third one that’s an ambient track of sorts, this is a solid release that should appeal to most fans of the atmospheric/folk styles.

The music is well-recorded and they easily create some decent atmospheres. Occasionally the band mine a rich melodic seam in the music, while at others they rely more on the blackened distortion of the rhythm guitars. Folk instruments can be heard periodically, adding another flavour to the music.

The vocals alternate between powerful, epic cleans and more traditional screams. It takes a very self-assured band with full confidence in the abilities of their singer to put these kind of clean vocals at the forefront of the music, but the singer of Drevorod is more than capable.


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