Raw Ensemble – Suffer Well (Review)

Raw EnsembleThis is the debut album from German thrashers Raw Ensemble.

Raw Ensemble deliver a raw and vicious take on old-school thrash metal on Suffer Well. This immediately grabbed me upon first listen, as the combination of catchy riffs and blast beats that characterises the first song on the album, Enemy, suits me to the ground.

The album follows in this vein – Raw Ensemble provide 42 minutes of very enjoyable and satisfying thrash metal with some more extreme influences thrown in for good measure.

The riffs are an important part of an album like this, and the band don’t disappoint. They’ve done their homework well and this is an album that’s clearly been put together with love and passion. It really does show.

As I like all things extreme, (well, duh!), I like their harsher take on the style. This usually manifests in the faster, blasting sections, providing some high-energy brutality to go alongside the equally high-energy and rather infectious riffs. Raw Ensemble are nothing if not a finely-honed riff-machine.

They know how to write a catchy song too, and this should not be overlooked. In some ways songwriting skills are underrated in this day an age, but Suffer Well contains a wealth of good songs and catchy hooks.

The vocals are comprised of throat-shredding screams and growling shouts. Either way, they slake my thirst for aggression and when delivered with passion on top of the furiously thrashing music, it makes me want to stomp around and destroy everything in sight.


This is exactly how I like my thrash metal. Highly recommended.

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