Gränslandet – Solidum (Review)

granslandetGränslandet are a hardcore band from Sweden. This is their debut album.

This is 41 minutes of filthy hardcore that combines d-beat, crust and sludge together into a grime-covered mass of aural pollution.

The band have the kind of production that sounds as if they’ve been dragged out of the swamp, kicking and clawing into the sunlight. Raw, underground and filthy doesn’t quite cover it in many ways.

Musically the band combine sludge and crust into a relentlessly corrupt mix. The guitars largely sound like they’re being played in a cave by monsters, although it must be said that these monsters are not without talent. Filth-ridden melodies are used too, showing that the monsters may be scary, but there’s more to them than just their teeth and scales.

There’s a decent amount of variety across the tracks on Solidum. Different elements of the styles are used at different points, meaning that the band benefit from quite a few good ideas and approaches across the album, although it’s all drenched in such dirt and ugliness that it can be hard to discern this sometimes. I particularly like the apocalyptic sludge metal feel that’s apparent in many of the songs.

The d-beat style is incorporated too, mainly in the faster moments, although I probably prefer it when Gränslandet are marching to the sludge beat rather than their more upbeat ones.

The singer has a formidable roar. He sounds pissed off and ready to rampage.

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty then check this out and give it a listen.

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