Grausig – Di Belakang Garis Musuh (Review)

GrausigThis is the third album from this Indonesian death metal band.

Here we have a 30 minute feast of underground, ugly brutality inspired by the classic USDM sound. This is for fans of Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Origin and the like. Grausig pay homage to their heroes across this relatively short album by playing their death metal as brutally as they can.

Murderous riffs and crushing chugs are thrown around with the care of someone wielding a spiked chain. The songs batter and bruise their way through the playing time without subtlety. Like a wrecking ball that’s come loose and is smashing everything it hits, the band demolish the landscape around them with ease.

Their formula is tried and tested, simple and effective.

On top of the obvious brutality that they display, it also quickly becomes apparent that Grausig know how to play their instruments with more than just their teeth, and some technicality can be heard alongside the more barbarous core of their sound.

The dark growling vocals are filled with ill-intent. Ugly and snarling, the singer has a certain quality to his voice that makes him quite brutally endearing.

Although it won’t set the scene alight, this is a solid and honest release of brutal, underground death metal. When you’re in the mood for something like this you can easily do a lot worse.

Check out Grausig.

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