Cognitive – Deformity (Review)

CognitiveCognitive are from the US and play technical death metal. This is their second album.

30 minutes, no messing around; Cognitive play their death metal with brutal efficiency and technical charm.

Sitting on the modern end of the scale, here we have an album that sounds pretty damn cutting edge production-wise, with the sort of clear, heavy sound that many bands would sell a limb for. What do Cognitive do with this sonic canvas? Well, they unleash Hell, of course.

Mixing their technical and brutal sides well, the songs on Deformity are both rabid and restrained, balancing the two aspects with ease. The band put their obvious enthusiasm and talent into nine tracks of crushing, merciless, unrelenting death metal beatings.

Cognitive have good taste in riffs, and there’s a lot to enjoy for guitar affectionados on this release, whether in the meaty rhythms, twisting leads or inventive solos. Thick chugging riffs, nasty grooves, hate-fuelled blasts, technical noodling and colossal slams all merge together to create an engaging collection of songs that any fan of death metal extremity couldn’t help but take to.

They also seem to have a very talented singer. He uses a few different types of growls and screams across the songs and all of them are very well performed. He oozes character and personality from his voice, as well as bucketfuls of rage, anger and aggression.

Deformity is a great listen. Chock full of satisfying, modern death metal, Cognitive have unleashed a monster.

Highly recommended.

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