Disemballerina – Poison Gown (Review)

DisemballerinaDisemballerina are a US band, and this is their latest album.

With instruments such as Cello, Viola, Harp, Machete, Acoustic Guitar and Bajo Quinto, this is not your average release.

Dismballerina play a sort of chamber/classical music combination, that may not strictly be metal in the conventional sense, yet nonetheless has a very metal feel to it. A sort of neo-classical doom? Close enough, I suppose.

Highly emotive and instantly engaging, the music on this release is layered and textured with dark atmospheres and moods.

The music effortlessly transports the listener into other places. It’s easy to slip into the soundscapes that the band create, and even when they’re at their ‘nicest’ there’s still an edge of threat and discord in their playing.

There are no vocals, but the music doesn’t need them. The music stands on its own, with a self-imbued sense of power and terrible grandeur. Despite the lack of distorted heaviness, the songs on Poison Gown generate their own version of this with the layered atmospheres and foreboding feelings that they emanate.

If you want a break from the relentless assault of your current favourite goregrind band, or you’re just in the mood for the type of thing that transports you to other places, then check this out. It’s very, very good indeed.

Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Disemballerina – Poison Gown (Review)

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