Eteritus – Following the Ancient Path (Review)

EteritusThis is the debut album by Eteritus, a death metal band from Poland.

Eteritus play old-school death metal that takes an influence from the Scandinavian scene.

The familiar criticism of most bands playing this style is that a lot of people are easily tired of it. For some reason, however, I have a big soft-spot for this kind of thing, and to be honest it’s just so very easy to stick something like this on and enjoy the killer death metal that it contains. So why not just do that? Don’t overthink it, just get lost in the groovy riffs, dark growls and morbid atmospheres.

So yes, this may not be the most original release out there, (but then not many are, and originality is overrated), but it is a very satisfying release, and one that has plenty to offer fans of the style.

Following the Ancient Path is well-recorded and well-written. I like their solid sound and the songs are played well. As far as death metal goes, this kind of thing is easy-listening really. It’s mainly mid-paced, has a good heavy groove and the song-based approach works a treat.

Really, what’s not to like?

The singer’s deathly growl…the macabre melodies…the feeling of being transported out of everyday reality…yep, I’m sold. This is one ancient path I’m quite happy to follow for a bit.

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