Colosso – Obnoxious (Review)

ColossoColosso are a Portuguese death metal band and this is their second album.

I really enjoy Colosso’s earlier work, (Abrasive Peace, for example), so Obnoxious is a release I was looking forward too.

The band have a track record of experimentation with their sound and looking to better themselves however they can. This has resulted in Obnoxious being a bit different to their previous output. The music on their latest album is heavier, more extreme, less groove-oriented and more technical/dissonant in delivery.

That’s not to say that they’ve totally ditched their previous style, as they still experiment with a few different ideas across the 40 minutes of music here, including added effects and sounds that help to create extra levels of atmosphere.

Obnoxious shows a more mature, professional band that are comfortable and confident enough to attempt a more challenging sound, and talented enough to pull it off.

Incorporating elements of Gorguts and Meshuggah into their style, and even a touch of Deathspell Omega’s darkness and Fear Factory’s cyber metal, (both in a death metal context); Colosso have ably grown into their new incarnation, and it’s one that I definitely support. Obnoxious is a strong album that fuses brutality and tense atmosphere together into a neat little package that shows off the band in a very good light.

You’ve got to love it when a band really dials up the extremity levels and just goes for it, all the while without neglecting mood and feeling. Top work Colosso.

Highly recommended.

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