Sisters of Suffocation – Brutal Queen (Review)

Sisters of SuffocationHailing from The Netherlands, this is the debut EP from this death metal band.

This is a timeless brand of death metal that has elements from several different eras in its makeup. The songs have a good degree of catchiness and hooks, and this is juxtaposed against the raw brutality that the band also bring to the melting pot of influences that they clearly have.

The singer has an absolutely brutal voice that’s all guttural extremity and screamed hatred. Her voice is perfectly inhuman for this kind of thing and the vocals are faultlessly performed. Top notch stuff.

Brutal Queen shows off the band’s songwriting skills to good effect, and they certainly aren’t lacking in ideas for the riffs and layouts of the tracks. From blasting brutality to old-school groove, to more modern, (relatively), snatches of melody to pure death metal hatred, these five songs cover all bases and show what an impressive proposition we have here. They even take the time for a bit of introspective reflection here and there, increasing the longevity and playability of the songs even more than they have already done with their more obvious sonic assets.

This is definitely one of the better and more impressive death metal EPs I’ve heard lately. The band know how to write a good death metal song and there’s probably more imagination in structure, pace and dynamics on these EP tracks than some death metal bands show across an album.

The entire thing comes all wrapped up in a decent production that allows the band the space they need to showcase the various facets of their sound. It’s heavy and crushing when their barbarous side takes over, and darkly black when their more emotive side speaks.

This is only the band’s first release, and already they’re showing a wealth of talent for this kind of thing, in both the performance and delivery of their music. Apparently there’s a full-length album in the works for 2017. I, for one, cannot wait.

Hugely enjoyable.


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