Carnophage – Monument (Review)

CarnophageThis is the second album from Turkish death metal band Carnophage.

Sitting and writing this on a lazy Sunday morning, I’m listening to Monument again and it’s like a force of nature is rushing out of the speakers into my ears, engaging my brain and waking me up like it’s slapping me in the face over and over again.

Yeah, I still feel tired, but now I’m awake-tired. I’m sure you can relate.

Anyways, so yeah – ripping death metal is the order of the day here. Carnophage make an impressive noise with a sterling, professional production that’s designed to maximise their killing capacity, meeting those all-important murder-quotas.

The songs on this album are full of monstrous riffing and blasting extremity. There’s a lot of brutality to be had, but the important thing about the songs on Monument is that they also include a lot of technicality in their assault, manifesting itself in a good balance between the two sides. There’s the odd snippet of melody too, here and there, designed to lighten the mood in between bouts of brutal slaughter or technical noodling.

Yep, the band know how to play, and have some good solos too. The songs are well-thought out, with a decent amount of variety and imagination shown, within the constraints of the kind of thing they’re playing, of course. This means it’s not a one-dimensional blastfest, and the songs sound as if some thought has gone into their structure and how the various parts flow and twitch into each other.

The singer’s inhuman growls, grunts and rabid shouts complement the music well, and his performance is what you would want it to be, given the material.

This is a really good album. The mixture of brutal heaviness, engaging technicality and thoughtful song-structures mean that Monument has a lot of depth and longevity as well as instant appeal.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Just what’s needed to rip your face off on a Sunday morning. Or, indeed, at any time of the day.

Highly recommended.


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