Grond – Worship the Kraken (Review)

GrondGrond are a Russian death metal band and this is their second album.

Grond play death metal that’s influenced by the old-school, with a more modern sheen then added to it all in the delivery.

The singer has a voice that sounds like colossal stones being dragged across the ocean floor. Despite this, he’s actually more legible than some similar singers too, but retains a monstrous presence regardless of this.

Worship the Kraken is an album that’s full of good riffs, but doesn’t neglect the atmospheric component of the music either. Solos and leads are used well.

The band’s imagery is evocative and adequately portrayed via huge distortion, vocals that you can actually decipher sometimes and well thought-out songwriting.

The production is a strong one; all of the instruments sound clear and powerful. This adds a lot of weight to the already weighty songs, and when the band get all chuggy and heavy it’s done so with a very satisfying crunch.

Striking the right balance between brutality, catchiness and atmosphere, Grond have produced a very enjoyable death metal album in Worship the Kraken.

Get ready to worship.


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