Oracles – Miserycorde (Review)

OraclesOracles are a metal band from Belgium, this is their debut album.

Featuring current and ex-members of Aborted, System Divide and Dimlight, as well as guests from current and ex-members of Black Dahlia Murder, Scar Symmetry, Nevermore and Arch Enemy, this is a release that’s something a little different and backed up by a wealth of experience.

First off, we get two singers. One is the singer of Aborted, (he of one of my favourite death metal voices), and suffice to say he sounds great, as always. The other singer provides clean female vocals, and these are very, very good. Rich, textured and powerfully performed, if it wasn’t for the insanely powerful vocals of the male singer, she would definitely steal the show. As it is, they complement and juxtapose each other perfectly.

This is modern extreme metal – essentially it’s Aborted-styled modern brutal death metal mixed with symphonic metal elements and female cleans, providing extra depth and nuance that is normally absent from death metal.

You can read my recent Dimlight review regarding beauty-and-the-beast style approaches, and how the style is not as prevalent as it once was, etc. However, here we have two such releases in relatively close succession, and both of them take the heavier and more extreme route to their music, Oracles even more so.

This is very good. The brutality mixes with the sublime female vocals and epic metal sections with ease, creating songs that are not only catchy and memorable, but can also truly knock your teeth out.

Highly recommended.

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