Denominate – Those Who Beheld the End (Review)

DenominateDenominate are from Finland and play death metal. This is their debut album.

Here we have 43 minutes of progressive/technical death metal. Take some Carcass/Death influences and mix with something like Vital Remains…are you interested yet? You should be…

Denominate have a decent production that lends them a satisfying sound. The music itself is skilfully played with no lack of talent.

With songs that have an aggressive streak as well as an interest in wandering progression, the band also inject melody and substance into their writing. This helps to ensure that the songs on Those Who Beheld the End have enough to keep the listener’s interest.

Denominate manage to be brutal, melodic, progressive and technical all at the same time, never straying too far into any single territory. This makes for songs that have a lot going for them; longevity and depth are kind of written into the DNA of an album like this.

However, this is not without its drawbacks, unfortunately – this will likely not be brutal enough for a lot of death metal fans, not melodic enough to appeal to those who favour a less aggressive approach and not technical/progressive enough for people who like a good deal of craziness, insanity or exploration/experimentation with their music.

This is a shame as Denominate have produced a solid and enjoyable album that takes aspects of all of the above styles and forges songs that straddle the middle ground between all of them. Although, in theory, this approach should garner them many fans and much praise, with something like extreme metal, I fear it will see them slip through the cracks on a lot of fans’ metal radars. Once again – a massive shame as Those Who Beheld the End has a lot to offer.

I could be wrong, of course, and I really hope I am. Make sure you check this out and make up your own mind. As for me, I’ll be listening to this over and over again.


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