Even the Dead Love a Parade – Even the Dead Love a Parade (Review)

Even the Dead Love a ParadeEven the Dead Love a Parade are a groove metal band from the US. This is their début EP.

Featuring the bassist of Drowning Pool, this EP is 23 minutes of modern, rocking metal that has some thrash and hardcore influences – somewhat of a cross between Annihilator, Pantera and Vision of Disorder.

Groovy riffs and catchy guitars form the bedrock of the music, and the songs are quite catchy and memorable.

The EP has a decent recording, with everything sounding balanced and quite satisfying.

The singer uses a combination of screams and cleans to spread his message. The screams are nicely aggressive, while the cleans are highly melodic and add quite a bit of colour to the tracks.

A quality and enjoyable hit of modern metal, with a foundation of a more classic style.


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