Sacramental Blood – Ternion Demonarchy (Review)

Sacramental BloodSacramental Blood are a brutal death metal band from Serbia. This is their début album.

This is savage, ferocious death metal that wastes no time in establishing its presence with blast beats, daemonic growls and lightspeed riffs. Yes, Sacramental Blood have arrived.

The vocalist spews forth powerfully delivered growls that seem to combine the singer of Obituary’s liquid rasp with something altogether deeper and more guttural. It’s a compelling combination and his voice is an absolute winner for me.

The band essentially play a 90s style of death metal that sees elements of bands like Suffocation, Monstrosity and Morbid Angel in their sound. It’s all played with conviction, passion and an intimate knowledge of the genre.

Choice riffs, of all speeds, are peeled off effortlessly, and the tracks show off the band’s skills at producing quality death metal that’s very satisfying.

The songs are well-written, well-recorded and extremely enjoyable; this is the kind of underground death metal that it’s so very easy to like. The band play fast, slow and mid-paced sections with the ease of professionals, and Ternion Demonarchy is one Helluva album.

A must for any death metal fan.


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