Unothera – Broken (Review)

UnotheraThis is the début EP from Unothera, who are a melodic doom/death band from the Netherlands.

This EP consists of 5 tracks – two actual songs and three piano movements.

The songs take influence from the likes of My Dying Bride, Katatonia and Paradise Lost, with sorrowful atmosphere aplenty. Keyboards are also used to add depth to the misery that the band exude, and I think these are particularly done well.

Mournful melodies are the guitarist’s best friend, and the band have both lighter and heavier sections in their music.

Both clean and growled vocals make appearances. I’m not sure which I prefer, as they both have their moments.

The songs are styled on that of their icons and shows a band at the start of their journey, but one that already has a lot of favourable elements going for them.

This is a short EP that introduces Unothera to the world. Although it’s clearly of the style that it purports to be, it’s still quite enjoyable and hopefully will provide a good basis for the band to further develop and refine their style in the future.

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