Nervosa – Agony (Review)

NervosaThis is the second album from Nervosa, who are a Brazilian thrash metal band.

Nervosa play their thrash metal with razorblade intent and an equally sharp delivery.

This is not for their faint-hearted, as their take on thrash is definitely of the more extreme variety. There’s blast beats and near-black metal vocals aplenty, reminding of the recent Bio-Cancer album from last year in this regard.

The aforementioned vocals are savagery incarnate, ripping through the music like the proverbial hot knife through butter. The singer clearly isn’t messing around and her voice could cut steel at thirty paces.

The rest of the band are equally focused on causing damage, with lots of lightning riffs and electric solos included. For only a three-piece the band have the sound and capability of a much larger group, paying homage to all things thrash metal while never once even tempted to go down the retro/nonsense thrash route, (thankfully).

Nervosa’s latest album is intense, relentless and way more aggressive than a lot of thrash metal these days. For these and the other reasons mentioned above, it’s an extremely enjoyable listen. My early impression that 2016 was going to be the year that thrash metal was revitalised for me appears to have been vindicated once more.

Agony is a killer.

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