Thy Worshiper – Klechdy (Review)

Thy WorsiperThis is the fourth album from this black/Pagan/folk metal band Thy Worshiper.

I’ve been following this band for a while now, and their individual take on black metal is always a very welcome listen. Both Czarna Dzika Czerwień and Ozimina were very enjoyable, and it seems on their latest album Klechdy they’ve really pushed the boat out, with a whopping 79 minutes of music.

On this latest release they’ve really embraced a more epic song length, taking things to even greater atmospheric heights than they have done previously. The result is an incredibly complex and layered album that packs in so much depth and content it’s hard to credit.

All of the familiar traits of Thy Worshiper’s music are present and correct, (varied vocals, varied instruments, a percussion-heavy approach, etc.), but on this release it really feels like they’ve all been taken to the nth degree.

Even the vocals, which never slacked off on previous releases, are taken to another level. Both male and female singers give their all to their performances and the deep, dark vocals in particular sound devastatingly bleak.

The music is so well-written and composed that most bands just wouldn’t be capable of putting this kind of thing together. The seamless inclusion of all of the various folk instruments and styles into a metal delivery is just effortlessly accomplished. I’ve said in the past that Thy Worshiper have clearly spent a lot of time arranging and composing their music, and while I’m sure that’s true, their prolific rate of releasing music seems to imply that it comes very naturally to them.

Ever since I first heard Czarna Dzika Czerwień in 2013, Thy Worshiper have held a special place in the metal landscape for me. It seems that they just keep getting better though, and Klechdy is somewhat of a crowning achievement for them so far to my ears. It’s hugely impressive and extremely well-realised. I can’t believe that they’re going to better this in the future. But, do you know what? I bet they bloody well do.


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