Heretique – De Non Existentia Dei (Review)

HeretiqueThis is the second album from Heretique, a Polish Death Metal band.

This is solid old-school Death Metal that takes additional influence from older Metal and proto-Black Metal, making for a well-rounded release that creates its own atmosphere and character with ease.

Snatches of melody appear here and there in the leads and solos; played well and thoughtfully constructed, they add colour and feeling to the otherwise heavy old-school thrashings that the band produce. I love me some good soloing and there are some real crackers on here.

There’s quite a variety of moods and speeds on this album. Even in individual songs, we get rhythm and groove next to blasting brutality and then colourful melody. The songs are well-written and effort has gone into all of the guitar parts in particular, and how these fit together and work as a whole.

De Non Existentia Dei has a good crunchy sound that is still underground and unashamedly old-school without coming across as lacking due to this.

The vocals consist of charismatic snarled growls, higher screams and all manner of vocalisations in-between. The singer injects these tracks with such character that he feels like someone who you’ve been listening to for years. His delivery is quite varied, (in collaboration with backing vocals from the rhythm guitarist), and he’s somewhat of a cross between the singers of Usurper and Celtic Frost in some ways; aggression and personality together as one.

De Non Existentia Dei is thoroughly grounded in the old-school in more ways than one. Apart from stylistically and sonically, the album also reminds of the early days of Extreme Metal in the way that the songs flow and how the album has a real feel as a holistic package. This is further aided by the quality of the songs themselves, and the fact that each one has its own personality and is differentiated from the others by virtue of good songwriting skills and able performances.

I’ve really enjoyed this. A lot of the time it’s far too easy for old-school Death Metal to sound stale or generic, but with Heretique this is anything but.

Very nice indeed.

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