Zeit – The World Is Nothing (Review)

ZeitThis is the début album from Italian Hardcore band Zeit.

With a good sound that has a fair trade-off between warmth and cold harshness, Zeit spend almost 24 minutes demonstrating their brand of dissonant, violent Hardcore.

These tracks have some interesting and atypical riffs that are nicely balanced between intricate and savage. There’s also a vague blackened twinge to proceedings, both in the icy aspects of the production and to the riffs themselves. It’s not a huge component of their sound, but it’s there for sure.

Taking influence from king-of-the-genre Converge, Zeit manage to successfully put their own spin on things and stamp the tracks with their own personality, creating short and complex tracks that are intelligently frenzied.

Enjoying music like this is easy. Whether it’s the violent intensity, the insectile rage-fuelled screams, the high-octane blast beats, the sliding, atypical riffing or the casual contempt for anything simple and traditional, Zeit have made a strong first impression on The World Is Nothing.

Highly recommended.

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