Circle of Reason – Faith or Theory (Review)

Circle of ReasonCircle of Reason are a rock band from the UK. This is their latest release.

Circle of Reason play an interesting brand of modern rock that combines elements of the progressive and alternative styles into their tasty recipe. The end result is instantly-gratifying songs that nonetheless have that vital ingredient of longevity to them, meaning you’ll come back and listen to them again.

There’s good amount of crunch to the guitars and the riffs that are used can sometimes be quite intricately arranged. Progressive structures are embraced by the more obvious alternative rock ones, making for songs that stand out as being a bit different from a lot of the more generic music that populates the more commercial end of the spectrum.

The singer has a very good voice, dealing in melodies and soaring choruses, the likes of which are very engaging.

Catchy and memorable with a dark underside that comes out in the riffs and vocals, it’s rare that I hear rock like this these days. Most aspiring rock bands seem to be content to ape their heroes rather than forge their own way. I’m pleased to say that Circle of Reason do the latter.

I like the fact that even though you can imagine Circle of Reason making it quite big, they demonstrate this potential by pure virtue of their songwriting and performance, rather than any dodgy gimmick or anything else. This isn’t music that’s generically blandly tailored for the masses, this is music created for the love and passion of it; this much is obvious.

Well, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this. Here’s half an hour of quality music for anyone into modern rock, but doesn’t care for the overly-sanitised and generically bland kind of stuff that makes up the majority of the style. Circle of Reason are not only different from this, they’re better too.

Highly recommended.

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