Interview with Ferium

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Israeli Metal band Ferium’s second album Behind the Black Eyes is chock full of professional brutality and streamlined aggression. Guitarist/vocalist Elram Boxer brought me up to speed with all things Ferium…

Give us a bit of background to Ferium

Ferium is a 5 piece Metal band from Israel, we have had the dream to be musicians ever since we were teenagers growing up watching the biggest bands on earth go around the world.

Ferium are:
Tiran Ezra – Vocals
Elram Boxer – Guitars/Vocals
Guy Goldenberg – Guitars
Yoni Biton – Bass
Ron Amar – Drums

We come from a very demanding place when it comes to being a Metal band, although Israel has it’s amazing sides of community and brotherhood and a faithful following, living in a political & financial cesspool, distracts the people from the art that this place produces, we all have our day jobs to pay for getting out on at least 2 tours a year, our own recording studio & rehearsal room, and the motivation to create music, and lots of it, to put it in a definition, we are an Independent band.

What are your influences?

Mostly our day to day lives, our past experience and, basically, everything aggressive.

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

The Fading – ‘Til Live Do Us Part! A Swedish death metal from Israel! This band is RAD!

Ferium Band

How do you feel that you fit into the wider Metal scene these days?

Lost… hehehe. We feel that Ferium will always be somewhat old school oriented… it seems that the metal music is going to a more technicality and skilled based music, (and Jesus there are some skilled players out there!). We write the music we write from the bottom of our souls, the creative minds behind Ferium have experienced deceit, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, betrayal, pain, loss, and all of these things create a sonic & lyrical portrayal of aggressiveness & frustration in an effort to solve all of life’s struggles, and to turn them into positive and empowering experiences.

Give us a bit of background to Behind the Black Eyes – any particular concepts or ideas you want to discuss?

“Behind The Black Eyes” conceptually picks up where “Reflections” left off. It brings the story of a man’s relationship – its ups and downs, the good and the bad, and the image being portrayed by gut-wrenching and goosebump-inducing lyrical work. This album is certainly an evolution to the band’s sound, where other bands today hold back on their aggression, we do the exact opposite and back up the album’s real approach to relationships with honest brutality.

How do you go about writing your songs?

We write a lot! mostly in our own studio. There is no specific way we write…sometimes it’s jamming in the studio while recording, sometimes its writing a song as a band, sometimes its just grabbing the guitar and groove it to oblivion! We do have a solid vision of what Ferium is and where Ferium is going (musically).

Ferium Logo

There seems to have been a cutting of fat and focusing of songs between your début and Between the Black Eyes. Was this a conscious effort?

We have sculpted ‘Behind The Black Eyes’ to be 110% to the point, which is the atmospheric aggression throughout the storyline from the good to the bad. The riffs are heavier, the groove is heavier, the bassline is heavier! So no FAT has been cut off from our point of view.

How did the recording process go?

Fortunately, we have our own studio so we can basically do whatever we want to and take the time with everything. The recording of the instrumentation on ‘Behind The Black Eyes’ was pretty flawless and quick! When we got to the recording of the vocals, we immediately knew that the attitude of the vocals needed to be changed so Tiran and I took about 2-3 months of
refining and rehearsing the vocals into shape.

Tell us about the album artwork

The artwork was done by the one and only, Mr. Eliran Kantor (Hatebreed, Testament, Iced Earth to name a few). The album cover shows a man pierced by a Rhino, where in ‘Reflections’ the man was trying to tame the Rhino…so again, there’s a clear view of the relation between the two albums.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

This album, for me, is one continuous song… so it is kind of hard to point out one…

What does the future hold for Ferium?


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