Bosque – Beyond (Review)

BosqueBosque is a one-man Doom band from Portugal. This is his third album.

This is mournful, slow Funeral Doom that’s wonderfully despondent and drenched in desolate negativity. The music reeks of isolation and loss.

The guitars have the timbre of a Black Metal album, but enslaved and put to work down the Doom Metal mines. This lends Bosque quite a distinct blackened feel while still staying mainly in the Funeral Doom camp.

There’s a severe minimalism here too, fed further by the Black Metal aesthetics, that manages to successfully convey a huge amount of darkly emotive themes with limited tools.

The vocals are low-in-the-mix cleans that sound completely anguished and forlorn. Their sorrowful delivery reminds the listener in no uncertain terms that everything is pointless and nothing has any meaning, other than what is given, and even that is probably worthless.

The songs are quality exemplars of the style and it’s easy to get lost in the misery on Beyond.

It’s rare that you hear Funeral Doom quite this nihilistically bleak and delivered with such conviction.


Favourite Track: Paradox.

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